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Preparing for Digital-First Communications

Posted by: Tom Roberts

Forget no pain, no gain. How to make the transition to digital-first customer communications less painful for all concerned.

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One Ebola Truth for Executives

Posted by: Scott Swanson

The relative global risk of Ebola is unknown, but impacts of its perceived and real threat are already affecting commerce, with few companies prepared for business continuity and fewer documenting their risk reduction efforts.

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How to Consolidate Your CCM Systems

Posted by: Rich Medina

Five things you can do to make sure you complete the consolidation of your customer communications management (CCM) systems and decommission the legacy environment.

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The Cross-Discipline Nature of Information Governance

Posted by: Lane Severson

Why you shouldn’t go it alone as you begin to get control over your information by putting information governance (IG) in place.  

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